Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dream 6/29/12

Today's was again a weird mixed dream -a complete extension of my current state of mind. In my dream, I had accidentally met an old friend/colleague of mine in the office lobby while trying to acquire a project(probably a job in real world). This friend informs me that she is currently posted in Leh, Laddakh which has currently huge IT sector owing to some very big govt projects. I tell her, probably, I should have tried there to start with, then probably I wouldn't hv to sit idle for past two years. How Things would have ben different I had proper contacts, the lack of which is detrimental to my professional career. As I talk with her, I realize that I still can explore a few options(don't remember wt exactly now) and tell her that I would come again the next day.

The next day, there are lots of kids in the lobby. i even get to meet her daughter and my own girls wave hi to me. I spot a little girl, who seems to be,looking for her mom,  and mistake her for mine as she is wearing my girls 2T-sized dress, a dress which both of them have used. Looking closer, I realize this is a different kid and I had, anyways, given away that dress. Her mom/dad comes and I hand her over. As I go towards the exit of the building, a man comes running clutching  his little girl in his arms who's bleeding profusely. Again, the dress confuses me that it's my own little one and frantically, I run to him and stop him only to realize that This is his daughter and I had given that dress away, too. Suddenly, everywhere around me are lots of sick, injured and even dying kids. Some are looking for their parents while some parents are looking for their kids. I look around and sense a relief that I was able to do my bit for them and get determined to do something more. I remember that my girls are safe and sound with dad at home and think of getting them involved once I reach home.

Is this dream, just an extension of my own thoughts, everyday life or carries a message for me? If so, then what is it trying to convey? Whether to be content with what I have, currently or to join and work hard towards a noble cause? Whatever it is, I will have to figure it out or may be, the time would reveal..

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