Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lighter by 11 lbs!!

Yes, thatz me. After six months!! I had gone for my well check to the doctor's tody and was completely taken by surprise when he told me this!! Espcially because, I hdn't been working towards weight loss. All my efforts this past half year was to lessen my neck, shoulder n back pain. If this is what the side effect is, then I am loving it!!

So let's jot down what different I did these past six months, so that I can try to stick to these changes, making it more as part of my lifestyle to remain fit and healthy. To speak the truth, After this revelation, I have become a little ambitious and want to come within my BMI range in another six months.

Here's the list, not in any order.

  • Made exercising a routine, despite the pain. Did: aqua, yoga, pilate, walking, running plus P.T.
  • Involved kids with me. They kept me motivated.
  • Morning breakfast: fruits (usually a banana) and a cup of milk
  • Dinner no later than 7 p.m. 
  • For some reason, If I get late for dinner, skipped carbs. Sometimes, replacing dinner with a cup of milk. (This I did, coz mostly My pain us aggravate so much in the night that I didn't feel like eating. Turns out, a plus fr weight loss)
  • Made a rule of not eating out for the entire family, more than once a month. Most importantly, stuck with it. (Again this rule was made coz of different reasons, but contributes majorly)
  • Lots and lots of water intake. With driving kids around throughout the day, I used to forget to carry it with me. Now, I keep a crate in the car all the time. And keep myself hydrated.
  • Switched to gluten free bread. This was done coz we had noticed that the wheat breads were leaving us with a bloated feeling soon after.
  • Introduced lots of fruits in the diet. This was done to encourage kids, turned out beneficial for me too.
  • Minimized sending DH to the grocery store to a great extent, especially to the Indian Store! He has this habit of getting calorie-rich food items just coz they look new and interesting.

These are all I can remember for now. Hopefully, will enter the next year with these healthy habits as an essential part of all of us.

Do you have any suggestions/ideas that worked for you?


Ritu Yadav said...

let me add...let me add...stopping intake of any kind of artificial sugar...because I could only stick to this rule :(...but I guess it works :)

Unknown said...

Great Swati..I have been trying...t reduce wight...Would try your workarounds

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