Monday, December 17, 2012

Kiddie blog gone private

Post the recent news that has shocked the entire nation, nay world, lots of discussions/debates have started and one of them(which actually has always been around) is regarding the kids' privacy when the mommy bloggers write about them. I had always considered this, and not given it much weightage as my sole intention was to create memories of my kids' growing up years and share it with family n friends. Six years ago, When I had started my kiddie blog, I hadn't even given a thought that the internet and the blogging world, in general, will grow so much that we would be actually be making ourselves vulnerable. My 'tadpole' had just formed within me, and being on the computer, 24x7, that was the best way I could think of logging my sprouting emotions for my to-be born child. My blog, then, had been my online journal. I even had and still have my real, pen-and-paper, journal but it's not always that I pick up the pen now. Though I still use my ink, now and then, it's not tht often. How much we deny, internet, is a part of our lives now. And, this step of mine, does not completely guarantee the 'privacy' 'security' or 'safety', and in itself, is highly debatable, I have considered it a lot over the weekend and have decided to make my kiddie blog private. If nothing else, it will give me the satisfaction of giving my kids their own space. I have never intended any sort if fame or monetary benefits from my blog and this will be an added step to ensure that.

I still do want to share all the joys of parenting and of course, not so joyous moments too, with all of my friends and family members. And am sure, you do not want to miss on them either. All you will have to do is now send me your email address so tht I could add you to my blog readers list. Once you are added, you will be able to see all the posts. So, all you, uncles and aunts, fans and well-wishers of my oh-so-sweet chinipie and sugarbun, do send me your email-ids so that you can be updated on their funnest years!

And I regard your privacy too. So, in case you wish to be a silent reader, you can remain so. You don't evebn have to say, "add me" nor do you hv to drop a " hi" or think "Oh I haven't talked to her in years. How do I ask her to add me?" If you have been reading my kids' blogs, and still wish to do so, just go ahead and send me your email id. And I will add you. It's as simple as that. My facebook account indicates 567 friends and I know many non-facebookers who frequented and kept a tab on my sugarz and chiniiz growing years. Whtz stopping you guys, go ahead and send me your email address.

I won't spam you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lighter by 11 lbs!!

Yes, thatz me. After six months!! I had gone for my well check to the doctor's tody and was completely taken by surprise when he told me this!! Espcially because, I hdn't been working towards weight loss. All my efforts this past half year was to lessen my neck, shoulder n back pain. If this is what the side effect is, then I am loving it!!

So let's jot down what different I did these past six months, so that I can try to stick to these changes, making it more as part of my lifestyle to remain fit and healthy. To speak the truth, After this revelation, I have become a little ambitious and want to come within my BMI range in another six months.

Here's the list, not in any order.

  • Made exercising a routine, despite the pain. Did: aqua, yoga, pilate, walking, running plus P.T.
  • Involved kids with me. They kept me motivated.
  • Morning breakfast: fruits (usually a banana) and a cup of milk
  • Dinner no later than 7 p.m. 
  • For some reason, If I get late for dinner, skipped carbs. Sometimes, replacing dinner with a cup of milk. (This I did, coz mostly My pain us aggravate so much in the night that I didn't feel like eating. Turns out, a plus fr weight loss)
  • Made a rule of not eating out for the entire family, more than once a month. Most importantly, stuck with it. (Again this rule was made coz of different reasons, but contributes majorly)
  • Lots and lots of water intake. With driving kids around throughout the day, I used to forget to carry it with me. Now, I keep a crate in the car all the time. And keep myself hydrated.
  • Switched to gluten free bread. This was done coz we had noticed that the wheat breads were leaving us with a bloated feeling soon after.
  • Introduced lots of fruits in the diet. This was done to encourage kids, turned out beneficial for me too.
  • Minimized sending DH to the grocery store to a great extent, especially to the Indian Store! He has this habit of getting calorie-rich food items just coz they look new and interesting.

These are all I can remember for now. Hopefully, will enter the next year with these healthy habits as an essential part of all of us.

Do you have any suggestions/ideas that worked for you?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dream 6/29/12

Today's was again a weird mixed dream -a complete extension of my current state of mind. In my dream, I had accidentally met an old friend/colleague of mine in the office lobby while trying to acquire a project(probably a job in real world). This friend informs me that she is currently posted in Leh, Laddakh which has currently huge IT sector owing to some very big govt projects. I tell her, probably, I should have tried there to start with, then probably I wouldn't hv to sit idle for past two years. How Things would have ben different I had proper contacts, the lack of which is detrimental to my professional career. As I talk with her, I realize that I still can explore a few options(don't remember wt exactly now) and tell her that I would come again the next day.

The next day, there are lots of kids in the lobby. i even get to meet her daughter and my own girls wave hi to me. I spot a little girl, who seems to be,looking for her mom,  and mistake her for mine as she is wearing my girls 2T-sized dress, a dress which both of them have used. Looking closer, I realize this is a different kid and I had, anyways, given away that dress. Her mom/dad comes and I hand her over. As I go towards the exit of the building, a man comes running clutching  his little girl in his arms who's bleeding profusely. Again, the dress confuses me that it's my own little one and frantically, I run to him and stop him only to realize that This is his daughter and I had given that dress away, too. Suddenly, everywhere around me are lots of sick, injured and even dying kids. Some are looking for their parents while some parents are looking for their kids. I look around and sense a relief that I was able to do my bit for them and get determined to do something more. I remember that my girls are safe and sound with dad at home and think of getting them involved once I reach home.

Is this dream, just an extension of my own thoughts, everyday life or carries a message for me? If so, then what is it trying to convey? Whether to be content with what I have, currently or to join and work hard towards a noble cause? Whatever it is, I will have to figure it out or may be, the time would reveal..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rant to myself

When I had my little girl in my arms, all I had wanted to do was to love her, nurture her. I had gone looking for a daycare for her, so that I could resume work, I was totally enraged with how they had dealt with my five-month old baby. That one episode had made me decide to extend the break  a little more and wait until my girl was one yr. After a year, i had several interviews lined up, and things were looking good, until, those very companies started firing and called me up to know either the interview was cancelled or hirings were frozen. A talk with the insiders had confirmed that. The recession had just started. 

As a clear and positive thinker, that I used to be then, I was determined to use the enforced sabbatical to have another baby(as we had always wanted two kids) and then, again, start looking for work once the little one would be around eight or nine months. This way, I was avoiding any more maternity leaves, after whenever I start working again. And of course, my kids were sure to get the best possible care available in this world - their mom's! 

Things took a turn, after another year and me, who always had a control of my life, a well-balanced head on my body couldn't get back in charge of my very own life. Events happened year after year, and my so-called one year sabbatical, turned into five. A once- positive and cheerful me has turned into a gloomy, screaming , discontent person. Totally opposite of what I had ever seen myself to be. I totally totally adore my Girls and love being with them. My having my own personal ambitions, detached from them, doesn't cease that very fact. My career plans, my thoughts about me that don't involve them, or doesn't revolve around them doesn't make me selfish. I enjoy my time with them, but am not wrong  to want a little extra - time just for me. Then why am I being told so by people around me.? Why am I perceived to be different? Why am I told to be content in my own shoes? Why should I pretend to be when I am not? when what I actually want is design and custom make my own?? 

And then this accident had to happen, thwarting all my plans to start afresh this year! When I had planned to look fr sponsors and jobs, I was looking for the lawyers and therapists and what not. When I should have been preparing for interviews, I was trying all sorts of remedies to alleviate my pain. Amongst this all, I grow restless as I see the applicants quota reached. I sense a failure - in me, in not trying hard enough, in leaving what I had in hand years ago. But that's my feelings, those are my emotions. How can they be wrong? They are just what they are.  I try to fill myself with optimism, but I can't. I try to push happy thoughts in my mind, but cannot. I try going with the flow, let things be, but only for a while. Why do I sound  like a teenager to myself?  Huh, I  think I should stop now. 
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