Monday, December 17, 2012

Kiddie blog gone private

Post the recent news that has shocked the entire nation, nay world, lots of discussions/debates have started and one of them(which actually has always been around) is regarding the kids' privacy when the mommy bloggers write about them. I had always considered this, and not given it much weightage as my sole intention was to create memories of my kids' growing up years and share it with family n friends. Six years ago, When I had started my kiddie blog, I hadn't even given a thought that the internet and the blogging world, in general, will grow so much that we would be actually be making ourselves vulnerable. My 'tadpole' had just formed within me, and being on the computer, 24x7, that was the best way I could think of logging my sprouting emotions for my to-be born child. My blog, then, had been my online journal. I even had and still have my real, pen-and-paper, journal but it's not always that I pick up the pen now. Though I still use my ink, now and then, it's not tht often. How much we deny, internet, is a part of our lives now. And, this step of mine, does not completely guarantee the 'privacy' 'security' or 'safety', and in itself, is highly debatable, I have considered it a lot over the weekend and have decided to make my kiddie blog private. If nothing else, it will give me the satisfaction of giving my kids their own space. I have never intended any sort if fame or monetary benefits from my blog and this will be an added step to ensure that.

I still do want to share all the joys of parenting and of course, not so joyous moments too, with all of my friends and family members. And am sure, you do not want to miss on them either. All you will have to do is now send me your email address so tht I could add you to my blog readers list. Once you are added, you will be able to see all the posts. So, all you, uncles and aunts, fans and well-wishers of my oh-so-sweet chinipie and sugarbun, do send me your email-ids so that you can be updated on their funnest years!

And I regard your privacy too. So, in case you wish to be a silent reader, you can remain so. You don't evebn have to say, "add me" nor do you hv to drop a " hi" or think "Oh I haven't talked to her in years. How do I ask her to add me?" If you have been reading my kids' blogs, and still wish to do so, just go ahead and send me your email id. And I will add you. It's as simple as that. My facebook account indicates 567 friends and I know many non-facebookers who frequented and kept a tab on my sugarz and chiniiz growing years. Whtz stopping you guys, go ahead and send me your email address.

I won't spam you.


Ĝ ё ё ┼ ä said...

Mail id kahha bhejna hai?

Ĝ ё ё ┼ ä said...

Mail id kahha bhejna hai?

Ritu Yadav said...

Couldnt think of this ...please add

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