Thursday, June 07, 2012

Pain management

So, I went to see my family physician yesterday hoping to get a script from him to restart my therapy with a P.T. I figured out i desperately needed to go back as much as I hate going to one. And as my earlier script had expired, needed to get another one. Also, I have been thinking of going for an alternative treatment like an acupuncture and wanted to know how he feels about it. And imagine my shock, when he ordered an MRI to be sure there's nothing more to it. Really, MRI? I shred to even think about the results. I hope there's nothing wrong with my spine!! Fingers crossed! Please do pray for me.

And then, he said that after the results come out, we will figure out what kind of treatment I should go for. If nothing's wrong, meaning, I do not need surgeries(god forbid!), he might suggest a pain management doctor. Now that term, in itself, was entirely new to me! How is a pain mgmt doc differnt from a P.T., I asked him, in all my ignorance. He was kind enough to explain to me that a pain mgmt doc uses different methods like injections. Now, I panicked. Leave aside, my fear of those needles going deep inside me, I dread to think about the side effects of those steroids! Even without them and all my exercise plans abondoned since my accident, I have been putting on pounds like anything. I was even treated with respect and given way and help by the strangers in public places, who obviously thought I was carryin(ahem!). Do you get the picture as to where all those pounds are accumulating?? Besides, the fact that the last time I had taken give steroid injections for my unfortunate ankle treatment, six years ago, it had still failed to get me any sort of relief. All it had done, was to just put lots of weight on me. Only a change in shoes style and working hard, then, to shed those extra fat cells, had seen me forgetting there was anything wrong ever, with my ankle. And now, just when I had begun to enjoy my pain-free life, this had to happen!! Guess, God certainly, has different plans for me!

Talking about MRI, I cannot even take it unless I get a pre-cert from my insurance. Phew! There's so much complications associated than I ever thought there would be. Life, sure is a roller coaster for me. Even with all the leaps of the heart, and the eye-squeezing fears, I should learn to enjoy the thrills, shouldn't I?


Violet said...

I can't remember how I landed on your blog.. but this post struck a chord, so writing to share my experience. Let me begin by saying that I've been through this, and felt exactly the way you do. Being a SAHM isn't easy, and feeling frustrated is but natural. So don't EVER blame yourself. It has absolutely nothing to do with how much you love your child. The first year is extremely imp and the child is too vulnerable, so I think it is the right thing to take a break. It is equally justified to return to work once the child is older. I really don't know you well enough to give advice, but I would just say-- hang on. This too shall pass.. Good luck!

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

Thanks Violet for all the encourging words

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