Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let yourself go

So I have been driving DH's SUV for past two weeks. IT was such a welcome change from driving the my kids-hauling van and to top it all, the sound system in his is so much mind blowing. Adding to the factor, is of course, that the music player is not loaded with kids' songs. This morning I put on old recorded cd which had both dhoom and dhoom2 songs on it. The beats of songs are so catching and after a while, I just found myself, not humming but singing out loud to the lyrics of 'touch me' 'dhoom again' 'dhoom macha le' 'crazy kia re'. I felt so great! Driving alongside the winding roads, with a blasting music on. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, when a sound came from the back, "you really know all the words!" That's when I came back to senses and saw in the backview mirror two mesmerized eyes looking at me. Sure enough, my kids had never seen me like this. For past four years, all I have been listening to are the rhymes and kids songs! Any attempt to change those met much protest, which always I gave up to. Adding to the fact, as a rule, I always always sing out of tune. And that's the reason I avoid an audience. This morning, I completely forgot all about that and just let myself go! Felt so amazing!

My daughter had such bewildered expressions on her face, I wonder how she would react if she would see me screaming my lungs out with the hard rock/thrash metal lyrics. How much have I changed in past 5 years! Those who knew me from before couldn't believe how comfortable I look at-home. Likewise, there are others who aren't aware of this headbanging side of me. Well, all I can say is that I never thought of myself who is cut-out to be a sit-at-home person. But since, it was my conscious decision, I have been living it to the fullest. It's quite an irony how I come across many, now-a-days, who when talking on some technical topic realize that they might not be of any interest to me and try elaborating the jargons or switch the topic. And then, there are these next generation kids who probably figure out that I might be completely ignorant about the engleees gym style such as hamstring curls, crunches and likes and go in lengths to explain why and how I should go about it. I just smile and play along. At times, I gently add 'been there, done that'.

By the way, what do you do when you come across a Bruce Willis look alike and your heart still went wow as it did a decade and a half back with his on screen presence? Do you stop and stare at him or give a sigh and leave? Or if you are like me, come back home and remind your husband that he once flaunted at least 4-pack, if not 6, and taunt him to better pep his muscles?


Cяystal said...

Hahaha! I laughed so loud at the last paragraph, my mother stared pretty sternly to check if her dear teenager has gone bonkers. I guess I just say, "Oh, you look like someone i know. Hello there." :D

TheBluntBlogger said...

:D Kids can be fun and I can imagine how it could have been a shock :) And, its hard to accept that we change with much!

BTW, unrelated to your post...I tend to teach kids lot of naughty habits. Once, when we were in cardiff we used to meet this Pakistani couple. They had two boys and they didn't care to talk to them much. I started talking to them and they picked up few words :D One day, I taught them to tell their DAD, "Aage Dekho" when he would turn around while driving to respond to his wife :D hihihi

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

Crystal.. Seriously, am I turning into a teen's mom? So soon? Scary thought!
Jokes apart, welcome to my blog.

Chintan.. Lolz! That's actually kinda cute!

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